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Are you are looking for authentic portraits of yourself looking utterly gorgeous?


Based in Vienna, Austria, Carola and her team welcomes you to her natural light studio for a perfect day of indulgence. You enjoy a pampering and fun experience making you look and feel awesome.


You spend a relaxing hour being pampered and made to look gorgeous by one of our amazing hair & makeup artists. Already feeling fantastic, you get your glad-rags on and step in front of Carola’s camera where the portrait magic happens. With the help of her directional posing, you will be amazed how truly photogenic you really are. No matter how camera-shy you were before, you will forget this instantly and feel completely at ease.


Your final portraits are a lasting memento of how awesome you are, giving you an instant confidence boost whenever you need it. Not to mention a reminder of you how fabulous you felt on your shooting day. Your luxury artisan produced portraits are something to admired and will give you heart-warming enjoyment again and again.